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Hand Painted Furniture Hale Cheshire

This painted furniture in Hale was factory sprayed initially.

The Client wanted to get some life or ‘soul’ into the furniture and elevate it into a great piece of furniture.

On pick up I explained that there will not be any visible brush marks to detract from the enjoyment of a smoothly painted piece of furniture.

The house had many pieces of furniture especially vintage 18th century French chests of drawers.

The client was very discerning, and came to the right person.

I set to work on this removing any possibility of grease and wax which was in the drawer sliders.

I applied a coat of my go to high adhesion primer – Tikkurila Otex.

The furniture then received three applications of Teknos Futura Aqua 20 with a little rub down between coats with a 320 grade paper to retain a super smooth finish.

A high quality brush is key. I tend to use the Purdy range of brushes because of their technology which is widely copied in the industry. The copies do not deliver as well as a Purdy and there is s bit of a fad painters trying the next best brush. I have fallen for this myself but have never encountered anything better than a Purdy. That may also be suited to my painting style, so I’m not knocking other brushes,  Purdy’s work best in my own experience.

This furniture had the best brush. As you can see by the photos, it came out really well and predictably with a super smooth brush mark free finish.




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